Hello, I am just a Christian. Is that possible? Yes! Are you interested in being just a Christian? I know I am and I know others are also.

What is someone who is just a Christian? To illustrate, let me tell you a story. A friend of mine asked, “What are you religiously?”

How would you answer that question? How should we?

I answered by saying, “I am a Christian.” He responded, “I know that, but what kind of Christian are you?”

How would you answer that second question? Again, how should we?
My response was, “I am a Christian-Christian.” I didn’t know what else to say!

Let me ask another question. When we read our Bibles, do we see Christians? Absolutely. Do we see denominations in it? No, we do not. Then why be part of one?!

When we read the Bible, do we see “hyphenated Christians?” That is, have you ever heard someone describe themselves by saying, “I’m a Baptist-Christian;” or “Well I am a Church-of-Christ Christian?” When we read our Bible what do we see? Just Christians? YES!

Acts 11:26 – and the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (NASB)

Disciples are simply students. I want to be a student of Jesus, the type of student that studies to live like his teacher. A Christian is a specific type of student. Someone who wants to live like his teacher so much that he wears his teacher’s name. I want to be just like Christ so I am just a Christian.

If you want to learn more about how to be just a Christian, and to find a group of people who are still learning how to be just a Christian and are trying to be together just a church of Christians, here are some ways to contact us and get more information:
• You can email us at perry.hall@justachristian.com
• You can call us at 336 784-5058
• You can go to the following website: www.wschurch.com

Are you interested in being united with Christ, and being united with others who are just a Christian?

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Just Christians meet every Sunday:
  • 9:30AM Bible Studies
  • 10:45AM Worship Assembly
2800 South Main Street
Winston Salem, NC 27127